Pietro Martello,

for the last forty odd years, has been inventing and creating models of miniature shoes, continuing to translate the ancient venetian cultural legacy into art objects.
His collection, unique in the world, now consists of about seven hundred original pieces which, regardless of any economic value, represent the fruit of a tradition which has not been lost.

Small Steps
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What? Who? Where?
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Miniatures About Exhibitions

Here you can see some of the miniatures photos which are part of the Small Steps exhibitions.
So you'll get an idea about what Pietro has done.
Click and enjoy!

Follow this link if you like to know who is Pietro Martello and something about his life, or how he has created his collection.
You'll also discover how the Small Steps project started.

In this section you can have all the info you might want about the exhibitions.
From the first show in Italy to the last in Hong Kong, and the next to come.
Small Steps of a long way.

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