testing visual index horizontal

this page is the horizontal version of this section visual index.
  • this is set for 200px thumbnails, although some of the exhibits have thumbnails with different sizes
  • if images are added to this exhibit they will be displayed horizontally too, with title and links pointing to this page
  • validated XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.1
  • be aware that you might want to adjust for your needs some css and/or set other thumbs sizes, but you should easily be able to find it out if you take a look to the comments in the plugin.
  • one more important thing: this is a sectional visual index, so you must define the section id you want to be displayed (line 43):
    AND section_id = '7'
    change the '7' (which is my section id, to your section id)


additional notes:

looks like you're using internet explorer 6, better upgrade it!